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Joe and Karen are one of my favorite couple on ABC's Soap Opera Port Charles.


On June 1st Karen Wexler and Joe Scanlon both arrived at General Hospital for a *Welcome party* for the new Interns. They hadn't seen each other since they were 11 years old and had been playing Marco Polo under the street lights of there neighbor hood.

Here are some really peachy Joe and Karen pictures. I've gotten them from diffrent site along the web, those site can be found in the Links section. :)

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Here's a Link to my ~*NEW*~ Joe and Karen Fan Fiction.

In this story Joe and Karen have been married for two years. One night they get in a fight and Karen finds comfert in an unlikly source. Things get worse when Karen and Joe reconcil and she keeps her afair secret until she gets some shocking news.

Part 1

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This page is not connected with Jennifer Harmmon, Michael Dietz, Port Charles, or ABC. I am just a fan of the show, actors, and characters.

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